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Mobile Suit Gundam. Ep. 1: Gundam Rising

Alrighty, the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam.

I imagine there must be a scene of a Gundam standing up based on the title.

The setting for Mobile Suit Gundam appears to be the far future where man has developed the technology sufficient to create man-made colonies that orbit Earth. A war results because the farthest colony from Earth, Side 3, declares independence and proclaims itself the Principality of Zeon. I guess this means that somehow all of the Earth’s countries became one super giant country or are at least ruled by one government. No explanation for what caused that to happen. Also… what’s with the boring names for these colonies? Side 3? Side 7? I guess in the future, everything is politically correct to the point that the most mundane and safest names are chosen for their colonies.

One of the colonies, Side 7. About to get wrecked.

We’re introduced to the main mobile suit of the Zeon side, the MS-06 Zaku II.

Green suits blend in space.

We’re introduced to Slender, Denim, Jeans and Gene. I’m pretty sure those names must have been intentional. Anyway, these three soldiers have been sent to investigate Side 7. Considering there are military bases on Side 7, the security was incredibly lame. The Zakus literally opened a door to get in. How do alarms not go off when a door to space opens?

We’re next introduced to Frau Bou, the protagonist’s female friend. She has got to be important because she’s in the OP.

Too bad Amuro only cares about Haro

She walks in along with Haro, this robot, that seems to only be around for entertainment.

Wonder else he can use his hands for

Apparently, our main protagonist Amuro is either deaf, stupid, or apathetic, and doesn’t care about an evacuation siren when he hears one.

Amuro doesn't give a fuck.

We also get introduced to Hayato, who seems to be a shitty friend of Amuro’s, just because Amura is the son of a military personnel. However, Hayato’s got to be important because he’s in the opening.

Hayato trying to score with Frau

The emergency siren was apparently turned on, because the new secret ship of the Federation is docking, the SCV-70 White Base.

Space radiation makes hair purple.

 We’re next to introduced to Bright Noa and Amuro’s dad. Bright’s in the OP, so you know he has to be important.

Meanwhile, Gene and Denim wreck havoc on Side 7 in their Zakus. Those Zakus apparently give Zeon such an edge that the Earth Federation tried developing its own set of mobile suits, one of which is the RX-78-2 Gundam. I can see why, two Zakus can take on a whole military base and demolish it as proven in this episode. In the confusion, Amuro discovers the manual for the Gundam. Oh yeah, Frau Bou’s mom and grandpa die, but no one really cares because we never even knew they existed before they died.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Char, the commander in charge of the mission.

Zeon uniforms get gaudier as you move up in rank.

Back on Side 7, Amuro decides it’d a great idea to pilot the Gundam after spending a couple of minutes reading the manual. We begin to see the titular Gundam rise from the ground like the episode title promised. Apparently, the Gundam has a combat system that allows it to learn from past combat experiences (whatever that means).

Gundam Rising moment

It apparently also is a better mobile suit than a Zaku, because Amuro with no combat experience takes out two Zakus, piloted by soliders, by himself.

Gene and Denim get killed off both by the Gundam’s beam saber, not that we care because they were just introduced in this episode.

Gene get pwned.


You'd think Denim would have figured out close combat doesn't work.

Also, Amuro’s dad might have died as result of Amuro blowing a hole through Side 7. Not sure. No one really cares, not even Amuro.

May or may not have died. To be continued...

With most the evacuees on White Base, the remaining military personnel realize they must put their faith in whoever is piloting the Gundam, especially with Zeon reinforcements coming.

I thought this was a pretty interesting episode. I want to see more on how the Gundam outperforms Zakus next episode, and character development from Amuro.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Hello reader, hopefully readers.

I am going to begin my foray into mecha anime with one of the biggest anime franchises of all time, and the one series that started it all, Mobile Suit Gundam.


So, from my understanding there are two kinds of robots in mecha anime. Super Robots which are like your one-of-a-kind indestructible superhero robots, and Real Robots, which are more realistic robots, and apparently Mobile Suit Gundam created the latter genre in 1979. This is going to be the first anime series I review.

There are 43 episodes, so I’ll move to another series after I review all of them. Maybe, I’ll review the three compilation movies that were released in the 80s.